I'm Fernando Luna and that's my website where you'll find a detailed information about my academic-and-professional world.

Spanish is my mother languageanche mi piace troppo parlare la lingua Italiana.


Since 2015 I am working as a Technical Writer. For almost six years I've been writing for the disruptive IoT world and the Smart Cities/Farming/Industry among many other business niches.

Recently I moved my professional career to the world of Digital Banking also as a Technical Writer, creating and curing DOCs for developers which include Technical guides and UML Diagrams about the Software stack and APIs related to the Digital Banking Platform.

As a freelancer, I'm working since 2007 for an Argentine Publisher Co. of computer books and magazines; first as a Book's Content Editor and since 2010 as a Programming Book's Writer.

In parallel to that last one I am a part-time programming Professor since 2019, teaching JS for the web and mobile ecosystems.


Professional life

IoT Technical Writer

Something about my role as a Tech-Writer.

Authoring and Writing

Something about my role as Author/Writer.

JavaScript Professor

A brief summary about my role as a Professor.



The GREEN color are for highlighting those Technologies I've got a Semi-Sr or a Senior background and the ORANGE one are for those I've got a limited knowledge.




Associate's Degree in software development

I studied the Systems Analyst tertiary career, and I worked for more than 15 years as a full-time Software Developer.

Pedagogical training curriculum path

According to my passion for teaching, in 2018 I started the Pedagogical training curriculum path at UTN Avellaneda which will license me for teaching into the field of my Professional degree.

Bachelor of Digital Technologies for Education

And because I enjoy the field of education at the end of the Pedagogical training curriculum path I'll start the complementary title in Bachelor of Digital Technologies for Education.



A list and description of the programming books, ebooks and biweekly-magazine issues, that I'm writing since 2010.

Year Title Brief summary
2021 PWA - Develop multi-device webapps (WIP) This will an Ebook trilogy to improve your knowledge into the PWA field and its dozens of benefits instead the Native Development. Volume 1 was rolled out on April 2021.
2019/2020 Mobile Development An Ebook trilogy to start developing HTML5 based mobile apps using Material Design, JavaScript with "a shot" of PWA ingredients.
2019 JavaScript Coding web applications using the "Language of the Web". Learn its syntaxis and the different APIs to interact with the Web browser and computer's hardware.
2017 Fullstack Web Development I wrote 17 of 24 biweekly magazine issues, to get the Fundamentals of a Fullstack software development.
2015 Mobile Web Development My first publishing about the web programming for the mobile web ecosystem: how to use the hardware, the sensors and to know the differences between Android, iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.
2011 Visual basic .NET My Opera Prima where you can learn how to code Desktop, Metro, Windows Phone and ASP.Net applications under the Microsoft .NET framework.
2007 5 Starts .NET Developer Biweekly magazine issues about the .NET 2.0 framework., where I worked as Editor, and also wrote some of its content: Visual Basic y SQL Server.


AI-900 Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals
DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
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